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Monday, August 17, 2020

Educational Reforms of United States

 Educational Reforms of  The United States  


  "Education can change the world"

We have listened this statement a lot of times. But what we all know about our educational reforms of United States.

In United States history, so many reforms have been taken since the world got knowledge in terms of education. Education provides employment. Education cultivates a skilled workforce. It make students critical thinkers, it develops our thinking capacity.

There are so many reforms which were taken to improve education qualities in United States.

In United States, education has been primarily the responsibility of parents and local and state government. U.S. government has funded so much on the betterment of its education. Thomas Jefferson was the first who looked at the improvement of education. We can also take a look on MIT of U.S. It is one of the best institutes of technology. Massachusetts institute of technology(MIT) was set up in 1837 and became the strength of education. The chief advocate of government schools was 'Horace Mann', who was posted as secretary of MIT. He introduced so many things included age-grading, he set up "normal schools" to train teachers,etc.

Now, Have a look on the Educational budget of USA. The total annual budget of US is $1.3 trillion. The literacy rate of males and females are 100%. Total enrollment of education is 81.5 million. In 2014, the country spent 6.2% of its GDP on all levels of education.

Over 85 per cent of the adult population have completed high school and 27 per cent have recieved a bachelor'r degree or higher. In 2014, a record high of 82 per cent of high school seniors graduated. This achievement set a record.

    Education Reform Legislation United States

Recent allegations take the perspective of employers who demand more vocational training. Voters in both major parties have been critical of the common core initiative.

These aspects tell us about the educational reforms of United States. The given ratios are self-telling that United States has great employment. Because its educational levels and reforms are fabulous. And the students of United States are doing well and will do well in future.

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